What We Offer

Did you know that Bosnian is the perfect language to make and show melody, poems and rhyme? As you know the Bosnian language, has a prosperity lexicological that surpassed all limitations and permission, has a particular background in the world: actually all his adjectives, verbs, adverbs and nouns finishing in vowels. Since the redundancy in a language is of essential significance in knowing Bosnian is simpler than in other languages​​, because such aid is provided several periods by the redundancy in the masculine, the feminine, in the singular and in the plural, both from articles by adjectives, verbs and nouns. It ‘a language laboratory, a living language that is able to restore and enhance themselves, season after season, new connotations, possibilities and particular social and language variety.

There are numerous people who want to learn Bosnian.

Those who find themselves married to Bosnian.

Visitors who want to travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Students or even teachers who want to learn a language as another language.

International group workers who want to work with Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Businessmen who want to trade with Bosnia areas.

Humanitarians who want to do some sort of social job, those linked with charities or even religious communities.

Children of the native Bosnian parent.

Communities who will be surround simply by Bosnian buddies etc.