I.A.L.C. Group

The International Academy of Language Centers (I.A.L.C) was started in 2007 and represents a network of first-class language schools instructing live online native language from tutors to international students. Our office locations are in New York. Effective learning language courses provided by I.A.L.C assist every age and interests. Our language courses carry high standards and regularly inspected code of ethics with a philosophy of continuous development. We teach people how to speak and communicate in the language of their choice. Online language tutoring with live chat from the comfort of a student’s home is the focus.

International Bosnian Language Course

We have a passionate team of Bosnian tutors who can help you to develop your Bosnian language. Anyone interested in learning Bosnian can seek our assistance. We offer all our services through Skype for your convenience. Our teaching methods have helped many people to develop their Bosnian language skills quickly and effectively. Our tutors pay individual attention to the learners and they will pass the knowledge to you in an effective way. You can talk with them at any time to meet your needs and expectations. All we need is to teach our students on how to learn Bosnian in a way that they will succeed.