Bob T.

My course through International Bosnian Language Course was an outstanding experience. I got all the flexibility one usually gets from an on the internet course but furthermore got a lot of one time with the course teacher. He was excellent with flexible my busy schedule and always had informative feedback and comments to help me enhance my Bosnian. If I ever need more acquire or enhance my Bosnian language skills later on I know where to look.


Ashley D.

I really love this site! So far I have obtained Bosnian grammar support all from the comfort of my house. Being a 32 year-old mom of teenagers I was afraid of coming back to university, but I have no worry of learning Bosnian language now. I know that day or night home I can and will receive the help I need. Thank you IALC Group!


Teresa M.

So far, I’m successful in Bosnian. Here, I’m very pleased with the course and plan on taking more on the internet courses. My instructor has achieved it clear that you can contact her in numerous ways. She’s also inspired us to inquire questions when we have to.


Alicia T.

Discussing, listening, talking and lives in another language could be difficult sometimes, xciting at times and really fun the most of the periods. When I came to International Bosnian Language Course, my Bosnian level was very basic. This is only my first weeks time at the program and every day I experience more relaxed and I can understand my teacher fairly well. My tutor is cool and funny. I enjoy the classes!

New York

Lori W.

The tutors are really helpful. They assisted me to develop my Bosnian speaking skills within 2 months.The online lessons are very effective. It is worth than reading a book or watching a tutorial. The lessons are flexible and it assisted me to learn Bosnian during free times. My Bosnian friends were impressed by my quick learning. I was about to go on a trip to Bosnian and Herzegovina before coming here. The tutors helped me to learn the basics of Bosnian and it helped me to enjoy my trip as well.