Introduction and Daily expressions

English Introduction and       
         Daily expressions
Bosnian Introduction and
Daily expressions
Do you speak English? Govoriš li engleski?
Just a little.  Pomalo.
What is your name?Kako se zoveš?
My name is …Zovem se …
Nice to meet you! Drago mi je da smo se upoznali!
What do you do for a living?Čime se baviš?
I am a student.Ja sam student.
Where are you from?Odakle si?
I am from the U.S.AIz Amerike.
What time is it?Koliko je sati?
Give me this! Daj mi to!
Do you like it? Sviđa li ti se?
I am thirsty!Žedna sam! (fem.)
I am hungry!Gladna sam.
Hurry up!        Požuri!

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November 14, 2020

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